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How much do you charge to make a new Website?

The pricing for a Website varies depending on the case. The cost starts from $100.

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How much does it cost to maintain my Website?

I charge an hourly rate of $25 for Websites that need to be maintained and/or updated. The price for complete remodeling of a Website is the same as a new Website.

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Project Durations

How long will it take to get my Website up?

The average time to have a beautiful Website up is in 3 days, but it varies depending on various factors. If you already have ALL the content to be put on your Website, it saves alot of time. Also, if you already know what you want as in theme, layout, etc. If you are completely prepared, your Website can be up in less than a day. Otherwise, I can provide you with a time estimate after discussion.

How long will it take to make a brochure or business card?

The first version of a brochure or business card can be ready within a day, and takes longer if you want it changed, adjusted, etc. Two sided tri-fold brochures or multiple pages takes at least 1 day.

Terms and Agreement

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. A deposit of 50% is required up front, unless agreed otherwise in advance. The rest of the payment is after completing the Website.

Do I get full rights to the work when you are done?

Yes, but only after having paid the full payment for the service(s) provided. Otherwise, I reserve the right to sell or reuse my work.

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